1. Institutional Banking
(1)Commercial Banking
   Global Commercial Banking Product Group provides customers with diverse, specialized and international financial services including loans, trade financing, cash management, corporate trust and proxy services.
(2)Capital Markets 
  Global Capital Market Group partners with our clients to provide tailored financial solutions to meet clients’ financial requirements. These services include: syndication lending, leveraged and acquisition finance, advisory services, securitization, funding and gapping, treasury sales, trading and structured finance, including bonds, equity-linked products, and a wide range of over-the-counter derivatives, which covers foreign exchange, interest rate, credit, and commodity.

2. Retail Banking
(1)Wealth Management:
   Providing target customer groups with financial planning, asset allocation planning and advisory services, as well as a variety of financial products.
(2)Secured Lending:
   Providing individuals with a variety of residential mortgage services (including home mortgages, refinancing, installment loans, policy-based loans, and financial planning mortgages).

3. Payment Services
(1)Credit Cards:
   Including issuing (Credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid card issuance) and acquiring business (merchant service), and also credit card related financial service such as revolving, cash advance,and bill installment.
(2)Unsecured lending:
   Extending various unsecured personal loans.

Revenue Breakdown

Unit: NT$ million
Revenue Source Amount %
Institutional Banking 20,084 35.93
Retail Banking 32,689 58.48
Others 3,127 5.59
Total 55,900 100.00